The Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Collection

Four unique, adaptable traveling Leonardo da Vinci exhibitions

Leonardo da Vinci was the true Renaissance Master, the ultimate ideas man, virtuoso and arguably the greatest genius who ever lived. He tirelessly studied, invented and communicated across a wonderfully diverse range of subject matters throughout his incredible, turbulent life from 1452 to 1519.

Unfortunately, Leonardo left behind very few tangible examples of his studies and works. Surviving artifacts are either locked away in private collections or on permanent display in a small number of renowned museums around the world. Leonardo’s legacy of genius is preserved primarily in his codices; small notebooks of categorized drawings and writings on a wide variety of subjects. Grande Exhibitions’ suite of Leonardo da Vinci exhibitions takes visitors on a fascinating journey, unraveling the mystery of these codices – resurrecting Leonardo’s ideas, inventions and philosophies, bringing them to life.

Grande Exhibitions has created a suite of engaging, interactive and entertaining Leonardo da Vinci exhibitions, catering for any budget and gallery size. From an intimate display of the Secrets of Mona Lisa through to our large-scale blockbuster Da Vinci Alive – The Experience. We have continued to build on the foundations of our hugely successful Da Vinci – The Genius and Da Vinci – Inventions exhibitions, striving to constantly improve and develop new content and experiences for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

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Grande Exhibitions offers a selection of four quality Leonardo da Vinci exhibition experiences, exploring the full scope of the Renaissance masters’ genius.