101 Inventions That Changed The World

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Our history has been punctuated by incredible and profound realizations and inventions that demonstrate the full potential of human creativity. For centuries, humans have been satisfying their curiosity through experimentation and shaping their future through discovery.

From the carving of stone tools to the birth of the Internet, 101 Inventions That Changed the World chronicles this journey. Some inventions were driven by necessity while others were discovered purely by accident, but what they all share is a significant and lasting impact on the course of history.

Revolutionary SENSORY4™ technology transports you through five epochs of human creation. Buzzing urban metropolises come to life with epic time-lapse media, surround sound perfectly imitates the booming thunder of the jet engine, and countless larger-than-life projections tell incredible stories of discovery and innovation.

Through meticulous research and robust discussion, a multinational panel of seven CEOs of science and technology centers has selected in priority order the 101 inventions that have had the most profound impact on humankind.

  • Interpretive and Inquisitive Response Area explores the ‘what, why and who’ of inventions
  • SENSORY4™ Immersive Gallery provides breathtaking visual displays combined with digital surround sound
  • Real artifacts are accompanied by 23” Touchscreen Stations prompting visitor interaction
  • 42” Touchscreens contain nine fields of information and activities, exploring the inventions and their impact in great detail
  • Augmented Reality displays give visitors the opportunity to view and experience 3D representations of the artifacts that are impossible to display in their physical form
  • Inventors’ Hall of Fame dynamic wall projection features in large scale and with captivating detail many fascinating, important original blueprints of hallmark inventions
  • Live and interactive Twitter Wall Feed integrates dynamic content and promotes understanding and discussion
  • Inventors’ Den interactive activity area provides exciting and stimulating activities for younger visitors
  • Explore with LEGO® provides fun and educational activities for students of all ages

What is SENSORY4™?

Developed by Grande Exhibitions, SENSORY4™ is a unique system that combines multichannel motion graphics, cinema quality surround sound and up to forty high-definition projectors to provide one of the most exciting multiscreen environments in the world. SENSORY4™ can transform any exhibition space to create a dynamic, informative and visually spectacular experience. Incredibly detailed images flow through the mass of projectors and merge with digital surround sound to saturate the space in a breathtaking immersive display.

Exhibition Facts
On application to Grande Exhibitions
Traveling Exhibition Period
Generally 3 months+
Space Required
Ideally 700 m2 / 7,500 ft2 and above
Ceiling Height
Ideally 4 m / 13 ft and above
Freight Size
1 x 40ft HC container (subject to change, based on freight origin)
Under supervision of Grande Exhibitions technicians
Traveling Exhibition History
The Leonardo, Salt Lake City, USA
Science Fair, Trinidad and Tobago
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Discovery Place, Charlotte, USA
Santiago, Chile
The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, USA
Dostyk Plaza, Almaty, Kazakhstan
US Space & Rocket Center, Alabama, USA
Plaza Las Américas, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Science North, Ontario, Canada
Revenue Areas
The exhibition can sustain a stand-alone ticket or surcharge ticket with ancillary revenues
Support Materials
Full exhibition, merchandise and advertising style guides
Twitter wall feed
LEGO play area
Strategic marketing and promotional plans
Press releases
Inventors’ Den Activities
High resolution imagery
Curatorial support available
Host Presentation
Image Gallery
Video Compilation
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